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Quantieme Universal Time Zone

    While all of the Franc Vila watches are beautiful, including those in the Quantieme series, few are as truly breathtaking as those in the Quantieme Universal Time Zone collection. These watches take the original Quantieme design to a whole new level. Each watch is thoroughly modern and truly elegant in all of its features.

    At first glance these luxury timepieces appear very similar to their cousins in the other Franc Vila Quantieme groups. They use the same round case and distinctive face shape. That is where the similarities end, however.

    The thing that really sets these watches apart is the face design. Each watch’‘s crisp, modern look is derived from the elegant face. A large part of this is due to the two bands that show the numbers. The first band is narrow and closely follows the outer edge of the face. This band is evenly divided with small marks and numbers that show the minutes.

    Set within this outer band is a wider, narrower one. Here the hour is proclaimed in large numbers. These numbers begin with 8 and end with 4. A small aperture at the 3 o’‘clock position shows the date. Some of the Quantieme Universal Time Zone watches contain another aperture at the 9 o’‘clock position that declares the time zone.

    Within the 5, 6 and 7 o’‘clock positions sits a small dial. This dial houses the GMT complications. Its unique design adds to the modern look of these luxury timepieces.

    Many people find the watches in the Quantieme Universal Time Zone collection to be the most elegant of all the Quantieme watches. It is easy to understand why.