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Column Regulator Automatic

    Franc Vila watches are some of the most intriguing, eye-catching luxury timepieces on the market today. The iconic double-lobe face shape is now known the world over, first introduced in Franc Vila watches’‘ classic Cobra line and continued with its descendants. The Column Regulator Automatic, seen here in light and dark versions, is a proud member of that distinguished lineage.

    In some Franc Vila watches, the smaller of the two lobes that make up the dial face is used to contain a visible tourbillon. In this specimen, however, the small seconds dial occupies that space. Above this in the central position is the wide, prominent hour hand, while the minutes are shown in a third dial at the top of the face. The date indicator is at the right side of the face.

    Notice that the faces of these luxury timepieces are partial cutaways, revealing some of the gear wheels of the movement. While titanium is used for the face of the lighter model, stainless steel occupies this place in the darker one.

    As with most of the Franc Vila watches, this one has a band of black rubber with tiny corrugations that enhance the snake-like appearance.

    Aficionados of luxury timepieces know the name of Franc Vila watches and respect it. These watches are stunning style pieces as well as serviceable, highly accurate instruments. This company relies on both ruggedness and captivating appearance to sell their luxury timepieces, demonstrating that these qualities do not have to exclude each other.