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Super Ligero Concept Tourbillon Planetary

    These superb luxury timepieces are some of the most beautiful works in the world of fine watchmaking. In this series of Franc Vila watches we are presented with a tour-de-force of visible movement, a celebration of clockwork in motion.

    The faces have the characteristic Cobra shape that has been seen in other Franc Vila watches, but they are completely cutaway. The viewer is pulled into multiple layers of clockwork leading far back into the mechanism. Some of the parts are bright red, gold or blue, while others have been left metallic gray. Even in the ornate world of luxury timepieces, it is rare to see such a glorious treatment of movement.

    The lower lobe of the "snake head" dial is occupied by the tourbillon. Tourbillons always put on a show with their rapid spinning, but here they are even more colorful than usual. Pieces of red, gold and blue make these some of the brightest tourbillons to ever grace the dials of luxury timepieces.

    Titanium is the material of choice, lending strength and shock resistance to these Franc Vila watches. All the bodies and bands are black, setting off the lighter colors. Notice that the movements of different models are predominately red or blue, and that the stitching on their bands echoes their color. The only exception is the second of these luxury timepieces, which has a silver-gray scheme with dark stitching.

    The renowned precision and pride of craft that goes into all Franc Vila watches is evident in every detail of these luxury timepieces. With their fine craftsmanship and visual appeal, they are perfect for the person who loves technology and wants to show it off.