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Cobra Grand Date Chronograph

    In the world of luxury timepieces, there are many watches with striking, fascinating looks. It isn’‘t often that a watch comes along and really turns heads, drawing attention and coaxing a "Wow!" out of everyone who sees it.

    It may not happen often, but when it does, you can’‘t help noticing it. Such a line of luxury timepieces is the Cobra series from Franc Vila watches, named after the snake they resemble. They actually look like crouching cobras, their two-lobed dial looking like the snake’‘s spread hood. The company has emphasized the resemblance by giving these luxury timepieces straps of black rubber with corrugations like those of snakeskin. When you look at one of these Franc Vila watches, it almost seems ready to strike at you.

    However, there is more than just styling here. The unusual shape of the dial makes room for three chronograph dials. There is also a large date indicator in the upper part of the dial; the "Grand Date" in the name.

    These luxury timepieces are not encrusted with jewels. Their dials could be the dashboards of spaceships with their high-tech look and vivid hands and figures. The first of these Franc Vila watches has hands of brilliant red against a dark background, making it both attractive and highly legible.

    The second of these Franc Vila watches has a two-tone face with bright yellow numerals surrounded by a metal border emphasizing the cobra resemblance. The other luxury timepieces are variations on the first theme with bright blue or red hands against black backgrounds.

    These Franc Vila watches may be the coolest-looking luxury timepieces in the world, fast and fierce like their name.