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Seamaster Aqua Terra

People who love the water know the name of Omega Watches. This is the company that makes some of the finest water-resistant luxury timepieces in the world, and their products have been on the wrists of countless divers and sailors. The Seamaster Aqua Terra series is a tribute to those who love the water. It includes some models with chronographs for timing races, while others are solid, single-function models.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra design is clean and uncomplicated, with non-numerical hourmarkers and a date display at 3. Annual Calendar models also include a display for the month.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra series has the distinctive round, sculpted design of Omega Watches, with bezels and lugs embracing the dial in gentle curves. The chronograph models have three counters arranged at 3, 6 and 9. In this selection of luxury timepieces, we see a variety of materials such as rose gold, white gold and silver appear alongside ivory, lacquer and brushed stainless steel. Notice that some of the bracelets place rose gold directly beside stainless steel - a combination rarely seen, but which is very effective here. Other models have straps of black leather, which provide a nice complement to the dark faces.

The same symmetry and harmonious colors that have been seen in other products from Omega Watches are evident here. This is a firm known not only for its technical prowess, but also for its artistic sense. The splendid luxury timepieces of the Seamaster Aqua Terra series reaffirm the design strength of Omega Watches and emphasize the connection with water that has made them famous.