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Reverso Duo Lady

    In Jaeger LeCoultre watches, Reverso Duo Lady's series proves that a woman can have style even in the most mundane of accessories. With intransigently straight lines, it firmly presents the woman's immutable strength and prowess. But it is the details that reveal the softening touch of femininity, so that rather than an overbearing image, it gives just the right combination of both. The result is picturesque of the key characteristic of women: Velvet-covered steel.

    The choice selection that these luxury timepieces offer is distinctive of Jaeger LeCoultre watches. Ninety-degree corners and a rigid squared watch face give the prevailing theme. Arabic numerals serve as time markers on many of the models; others are given a clean, classy appearance, with no markers whatsoever. Many models incorporate both styles, with the front and back dials that give the series its name. On many of styles, the rigidity of the cases is gentled by diamond accents inset into the outer rim of the case. A few even include diamonds around the dial, as well.

    Though the selection may vary, the materials of these luxury timepieces are all of the highest quality. The selection available for purchase includes three different types of gold: White, yellow, and red; stainless steel and silver are also viable options. The gold is fashioned from a high-quality 18 karats. The strap is done to compliment the watchcase and also has a multiplicity of options. Many of the straps are worked from the same metals as the watchcase, while others use a high-class leather strap.