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Classic Lady

    It has often been said that few people really know what women want. This is certainly not true of the design team at Chopard. In the Chopard Classic collection, they present the world with gorgeous wristwatches that are sure to please any woman.

    The case shapes and sizes in this series are, as the name suggests, classic. They do not stray from the traditional round, oval and square shapes that will never go out of style. Within these basic shapes, however, there is a lot of room for diversity. Not one of the watches in this collection is like another. That is what makes these watches so unique.

    The faces of the watches in this collection vary as well. Some use regular numbers to mark the time, while others use Roman numerals. A few mark the time only with subtle lines. The colors on the faces range from white to gold.

    A common element of many of these watches is diamonds. The majority of these Chopard timepieces use these glittering gems to add sparkle and elegance. Diamonds can be found on the face, bevel or strap of the Classic collection watches.

    These Chopard luxury watches use many different types of straps. Some are made of solid metal, often enhanced with diamonds. Other watches use quality leather to create a sturdy, elegant strap. A select few use satin to create a truly feminine strap.

    The Chopard Classic collection contains watches that would be a wonderful surprise for any woman, even those who are hard to please. The lovely use of diamonds and 18k yellow, white and rose gold set these watches apart from other luxury ladies timepieces.