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Happy Sport Oval

    While it's not unusual for watch cases to be traditionally circular, with square faces which are admittedly more daring, there's something very unique-looking in this collection's oval design. Perhaps, because neither round as a circle, nor angular like a square, the oval lies somewhere in-between, earning this luxury watch distinction and more than a second glance. Chopard timepieces, long honored for their acquiescence not only to precision and reliability, but also to design, have an enormously appealing product with the Chopard Happy Sport Oval collection of modern watches.

    Underlying the description of Chopard luxury watches as timepieces that are also fine jewelry is the glamorous addition of gemstones like diamonds. With the Happy Sport Oval, the diamonds float and greet the eye brilliantly, along with classic Roman numerals that mark the hours. Some are even water resistant to assure ease of wear for those appreciating that feature.

    A variety of metal finishes and strap styles accommodate varying needs and personalities. Indeed, straps range from shiny bracelet links to black crocodile leather, and variations in diamond displays and settings further make selection of a Chopard Happy Sport Oval a personal experience.

    Chopard timepieces are worldwide favorites, and the Happy Sport Oval is no exception. It has lived up to high industry standards and won fans eager to embrace passing time as graciously as possible. There is something to be said about a flowing shape that graces the wrist, exuding style and class, yet serving a practical purpose. Chopard luxury watches seem to have gotten everything right, perceiving that style without accuracy is not enough, while accuracy without style-setting verve is equally undesirable to those with the means to afford it. The Chopard Happy Sport Oval selection featured here will not disappoint even the most discriminating buyer.