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High Complications

    Even with an overwhelming selection of Chopard timepieces, the silver and diamond series of ladies Chopard luxury watches are of particular interest; they convey a regal air of accessorial beauty. From the simplistic single-placed diamond Chopard watches to the ornamentally complex weaving of intricate diamond patterns, the Chopard High Jewelry line of watches can capture the imagination on any occasion.

    Chopard timepieces are made with exceptional care including the famous tourbillon style Chopard luxury watches, the classic oval diamond bracelet--another brilliant design accomplishment for Chopard timepieces. Chopard High Jewelry includes the slender opulent oval Chopard luxury watches, the shimmering baguette diamond Chopard timepieces, as well as timepieces that make use of the incredible tourbillon technology. These exquisite Chopard High Jewelry designs capture the eye and impress the senses with stunning craftsmanship and an aesthetic sensibility.

    One of the highlights of the High Jewelry line is their ability to intricately weave diamond patterns in a variety of settings within a restricted design space. The success of the High Jewelry is in its ability to maintain a sense of organization within the circular or square space of the Chopard luxury watches. With an unparalleled sense of style, the black and silver Chopard High Jewelry line in particular communicates the kind of elegance that has intrigued poetic imaginations for centuries. The delicate hands in these Chopard timepieces are like miniature replications of the timeless presence of a grandfather clock.

    Enhancing this impression is the lovely placement of Roman Numerals on the periphery outlay of these remarkable Chopard High Jewelry diamond-embedded Chopard luxury watches.