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Happy Diamonds Chronograph

    A unique spin on the all too familiar triple dial chronograph design, these Chopard timepieces integrate the internationally patented Happy Diamonds double sapphire crystal technology with a date and three sub-dial display to create a collection of intriguing as well as highly functional sport watches.

    Happy Sport Chopard luxury watches allow multiple unset diamonds and other precious gems to be suspended within two scratch-resistant sapphire crystals in order to float freely above the dial. The gems never touch the dial, thus providing a captivating display of glittering brilliance and engineering ingenuity.

    Choose from sleek, contemporary stainless steel and ceramics to classic 18-karat white and rose gold bezel and case combinations to accentuate the wearer’s unique fashion preferences. Select from the standard, numbered rotating bezel or choose the channel-set, 2.20 tdw round brilliant diamond bezel available for ladies as well as men.

    Each captivating Chopard Happy Sport Chrono utilizes a precision Swiss quartz movement to ensure absolute accuracy, is signed by Chopard and is accompanied by a certificate of patented authenticity.

    Not just mere chronograph watches, these exceptional Chopard timepieces offer playful individuality. Limited edition models combine suspended solitaire diamonds with free floating, diamond, sapphire or ruby encrusted fish within the patented dial to add lively personality and understated distinctiveness. Escape the mediocre and revel in the sophisticated entertainment of floating diamonds conceived by the innovative artisans of Chopard luxury watches.