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    Here we have two luxury timepieces that are icons of modern watch design, Big Bang all-black and rose gold models from Hublot Watches. This is the design that started everyone talking about Hublot Watches again, substantially marked down from retail price. Smart shoppers can now own a piece of classic watch design at a sweet savings.

    Each of these Hublot Specials has a chronograph function displayed on small dials in the 3, 6 and 9 positions. Both luxury timepieces have automatic movement.

    The first of these Hublot Specials is the Big Bang All-Black Carat, definitely one of the Greatest Hits of Hublot Watches. The practice of placing black numerals and hands on a black face seemed radical when they first tried it, but now it is recognized as one of the definitive looks of Hublot Watches. The figures and hands stand out against the background because of their shine, making them easily visible. Everything is black here, even the row of diamonds running around the bezel. The band is black rubber. The body is made of the extremely hard ceramic that Hublot Watches often uses.

    The second of our Hublot Specials is a limited-edition tribute to Diego Maradona, the controversial Argentine football player. The dial bears the player's signature in blue and the case back has a picture of him with his arms raised in a V-sign. Appliques of blue and white stand out against the black dial, making a harmonious mix of colors with the rose gold of the body. Again we see the ceramic that is so typical of Hublot Watches, used here in the porthole bezel. Polished screws and hands of rose gold complete the color scheme.