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    Now available at a remarkable price, these two superior watches are perfect examples of the commanding presence and exciting originality associated with Graham watches. Both pieces have large, 46mm cases designed to appeal to masculine sensibilities.

    The quality of these luxury timepieces on special is unmatched. The Tourbillograph Trigger Havana comes in a striking rose gold case with a deep brown, slatted dial face. The hands are gold and red, offering a beautiful contrast to the dark background that complements the case. The front and back of this luxury timepiece are transparent, enabling an attractive view of the watch’‘s internal workings. The piece is functional as well as handsome, as it serves as a chronograph and includes hour, minute and second hand functions as well as a tourbillon. The second of the Graham watches available on special is the Swordfish Grillo Alarm GMT. This commanding timepiece features a stainless steel case with a solid black face and red and white embellishments. The date is shown under a gleaming magnifying glass located at 3 o’‘clock. The watch also features hour, minute, and second hand functions as well as a GMT alarm. The strap is available in either calfskin or black hypoallergenic rubber. Water resistant down to 330 feet, or 100 meters, this luxury timepiece is both handsome and practical. All of these amazing functions and luxury features comprise a stunning line of watches, now at an equally amazing price.

    Graham watches are an excellent investment at any price, but now they are available on Special at a remarkable reduction. Both of these luxury timepieces are perfect examples of why the name of Graham watches is synonymous with quality. Tasteful and exquisite, Graham watches are in a class of their own.