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World Times

    The Patek Philippe watches have been around for years, however this specific design wasn't released until somewhere around the 1930s. These offer a very contemporary design that offer additional functionality beyond a standard watch. Not only will it tell you the time in your current time zone but that of every other time zone around the globe.

    The World Times watch features sleek sophistication in the form of very intricate face designs to let you know whether you are looking at the time for London, Paris, New York or somewhere beyond. There is also the option to have a globe design on the face that adds an additional flair for detail.

    Beyond the face of the watch, the casing is very stylish as well. The case diameter is approximately 39.5 mm, making it very comfortable to wear all day long without adding a lot of unnecessary bulk.

    The watchstrap is made from alligator skin with large rectangular scales that has been hand-stitched. There are several colors that can be incorporated into the design, making the World Times watch a classy watch to be worn by the sophisticated traveler. The fold over clasp makes it comfortable to be worn all day long, no matter whether it's zipping through airports or a day at the office.

    The watch is water resistant up to 25 meters as well, making it both useful and practical. White gold or yellow gold is available on this watch, making it tailor made to fit any preference in style.

    When you need to know what time it is in many different zones, this Patek Philippe watch provides the answers without having to view the information in chronometers.