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Perpetual Calendars

    The Perpetual Calendars line of watches feature a classic design that has been around since the mid 1980s. When sophistication is of the utmost importance and the watch needs to keep time year round effortlessly, the Patek Philippe watches are always available, making them such a popular luxury watch brand.

    The watches are self-winding and feature a very slim line design that does not provide as much bulk as some of the other designs. The case diameter is around 37 mm for each of the watches in the Perpetual Calendars line, making them just slightly larger than a woman's watch and considerably narrower than ones found in the Complicated line.

    All of the watches in this line are complicated, offering chronographs in addition to the standard time keeping mechanisms. These chronographs vary by model but can include the date, an am/pm feature as well as keep track of the phases of the moon. The chronographs on the Perpetual Calendars are very graphic, offering beautifully entailed designs that make for such a stunning appearance.

    There is a yellow gold and white gold option for these Patek Philippe watches, helping to make them very accommodating for anyone's sense of style. In addition, the alligator leather with the large rectangular scales on the bracelet offer added sophistication. The leather is hand-stitched with a comfortable clasp for all-day wear.

    These gentlemen's watches are made from the same great craftsmanship as the rest of the designer watches, keeping perfect time for years. This adds to the functionality of these fine timepieces, creating a highly sought after design. Each one is a little unique, with quiet sophistication that will give others a sense of your style.