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Vintage Collection

    The Vintage Collection brings back styles from the sixties and earlier, featuring stainless steel, rose gold, and other fine metals in shapes that are familiar to any collector who remembers the previous eras of timepiece manufacturing. With manual wind mechanical movements, 44 millimeter dials and leather straps, they embody the previous generations of watchmaking flawlessly. However, there are still some great modern features under the hood. Sapphire glass, water resistance, and more than forty hours of power reserve when the watches are fully wound make them decidedly current in their capacities.

    The watches in this series which exhibit fine rose gold casings are sure to appeal to gold enthusiasts, particularly on account of that metal's meteoric appreciation in value in recent years. Coupled with fine silver and brown alligator straps, these designs particularly stand out from the rest of the series. The IWC Portofino is a fine example of this, replicating the original released in 1984. It has the same Roman numeral inlays, a moon phase, and gold hands for a brilliant presentation. This watch is also available in a steel case with transparent backing and a black leather strap.

    Other standouts in this collection include the 1936 Pilots, the Ingenieur Automatic Vintage watches, and the Aquatimer watches, all worth strong consideration for your investment. These styles and designs have proven to be timeless, relevant, and eternally stylish, ensuring they can be worn with dignity for years to come, and that they will forever be appreciated by subsequent generations of watch enthusiasts. IWC watches are designed to be enjoyed and are built to last, as all luxury timepieces should be. When compared to other watches, these are obviously ahead of the pack, but can be appreciated fully for their functional merits as well.