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Portugieser Complications

    Here IWC Watches, one of the oldest and most respected names in the field of luxury timepieces, presents a line of gorgeously styled watches with some additional complications. The rich colors and forthright design that are the marks of IWC Watches are still here, but now we see tourbillons, power displays and minute repeaters.

    It's easy to spot the products of IWC Watches by their beautifully understated styling. Glancing down this line of attractive, well-designed luxury timepieces, we see the handsome look that has made this company famous.

    The selection starts with several luxury timepieces that have visible tourbillons at the 12 o'clock position, spinning against a black background as if suspended in space. There is a seven-day power reserve indicator. The first two IWC watches have small seconds hands, while the next two have retrograde 30-second counters.

    After the tourbillon watches, the selection includes some of the IWC Watches Minute Repeaters. Each of these luxury timepieces has a timer that chimes on the minute, perfect for events where precise timing is necessary. The wide, clean dial is shown in rose gold, white gold and platinum with both light and dark faces.

    The next four watches also have visible tourbillons, but in these examples it is placed on the left side of the dial. Hours are displayed on small dials in the upper face, while the main dial displays minutes. There is a small seconds dial at 6. Again we see the theme displayed in various colors and materials.

    A platinum minute repeater with a small seconds hand rounds out the line of luxury timepieces. As in all the previous examples, the distinctive look of IWC Watches in unmistakable.