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Big Pilots

    Here we have a selection of luxury timepieces based on the designs of pilots' watches. However, the name Big Pilot refers to the luxury timepieces themselves, not to their wearers; with cases in excess of 46 millimeters, these IWC watches have some of the biggest dials in the world.

    Of course, the big dials, bold numerals and wide, luminous hands were intended to allow the watch to be read even under poor lighting conditions, but they also make these IWC watches some of the most handsome, elegant timepieces on the market. With their precision workmanship and bold, masculine look, these watches will attract envious looks in any higher social circle while simultaneously providing the accuracy needed for the precision timing of sporting events.

    All of these IWC watches are water resistant to 60 meters (a depth rarely seen even on sports watches), and each features a power reserve dial, a date display and a central seconds hand. While most other luxury timepieces have a power reserve of 48 hours at most, these models boast a seven-day power reserve. Most of these watches have stainless steel bodies, though there are also some specimens available in rose or white gold. One of the rose gold selections was designed in honor of Antoine de Saint Exupery, the renowned aviator and author.

    There are no jewels or fancy features on these luxury timepieces, just accurate, reliable timekeeping coupled with a design of timeless style. From the brave aviators of the Second World War to the discerning gentlemen of today, true class never goes out of style.