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Marine Diver Chronograph

    These Marine Diver Chronograph watches are visually stunning simply because of the color coordination between the bezels, the case, the face and the wristband. You can opt for several classic combinations so that your personality shines through beyond the feats of engineering contained in these luxury timepieces.

    You can opt for stainless steel and blue, black, silver and red or a rose gold and black combination to complete the look of your Ulysse Nardin watches. Each one offers the same intricate chronographs on the dial of the watch, seated at 3 o’ clock and 9 o’clock. The information inside of the chronographs gives you the seconds in an enlarged format as well as the 30-minute register. There is also the date in a bubble at 6 o’clock, making these marine diver watches very multi-functional.

    Perhaps one of the most notable features of these watches is the two-tone bezels that surround the dial of these timepieces. Blue and silver, red and black or rose gold and black make for eye-catching effects as these are marked with the minutes in the other range as well as a dot for each minute where there is not a number in place. A titanium crown and pushers complete the look.

    Stainless steel bands or rubber bands on the Ulysse Nardin watches allow you to make the decision of whether you want to make your look sporty or sophisticated. Either you choose is guaranteed to be comfortable to wear hour after hour so that you showcase your look and know the time.