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Alexander The Great

    Ulysse Nardin watches are some of the most visually appealing watches because they combine style and grace with a sophistication that is very clearly understood by just a single glance. You can enjoy the Forgeron Minute repeater series with the intricate details as well as the bright colors of the face that the line is offered in.

    There are a lot of details within the Forgeron Minute Repeater watches and perhaps the most appealing is the hand crafted gold figures in the center of the dial. Two men are forging at a desk made entirely of rose gold. A closer look will show you the very fine details of these two figures in perfect proportion.

    The movement of this luxury timepiece is via manual wind and shows you hours and minutes so that you can always tell exactly what time it is.

    You can find comfort when you strap the leather band to your wrist to be worn all day long. The 42mm casing is just large enough to give perfect detail of the dial without taking up too much room on the wrist itself.

    Personalization comes from the watch when you choose the color combinations that you wish to enjoy this luxury timepiece in. There is a blue face/blue leather and a black face/black leather combination that are both available in platinum or rose gold to match your preferences.

    The watch is a very limited edition, so if you enjoy the engravings and the stunning detail, then you need to consider making the purchase before they are all sold.