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Royal Oak Tourbillon

    The pieces were initially basic chronometers but have since evolved and are now designed for class, status, luxury and prestige. All this gives the watches a different style and prestige. Two young men, Audemars and Piguet, founded the brand in the late 1700’‘s. The Swiss are known to be the pioneers of Tourbillon, which basically means an addition of the watch escapement and lining.

    Royal Oak Tourbillon is an addition to the watch escapement and lining innovative streak. It was developed in 1795 by Swiss and French watchmakers (Audemars Piguet) who borrowed the original idea from an English watchmaker. It uses the gravity phenomenon where the effects of gravity are captured by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in the rotating cage in order to cancel out the effect of gravity when the timepiece (escapement) is rotated. These luxury timepieces are manufactured in southwestern Switzerland.

    Audemars Piguet are an expensive Luxury timepieces brand that was introduced to the world of luxury timepiece lovers in 1875 by two young men in their early twenties. They are Jules-Louis Audemars and his friend Edward-Auguste Piguet. They were early prestige watchmakers who after graduating from college, began creating these works of art and in time brought fame to their hometown, Le Brassus.

    Audemars started developing and producing component parts for movements and Piguet got a job of repasseur, which involved making the final regulation of the timepiece. They later founded a firm known as Audemars, Piguet et Cie.

    Tourbillon luxury watches are fascinating compilations of watches that always evoke admiration and awe in those privileged enough to own or even come into contact with one. Priced at the high end of the market these timepieces are exquisite, magnificent and unique.

    The Audemars Piguet luxury watches are a priceless possession and a symbol of success, wealth and good fortune.