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    Each of the watches in the Hourstrikers collection features a magnificently hand-sculpted design on the dial of each watch. At quick glance, it looks like a little design on the face but at closer inspection, there is a man striking a bell. There is a chime on the watch, too, which can be heard by pressing the crown of the watch. The design can be made from either rose gold or platinum depending upon your design preferences.

    There are a lot of Ulysse Nardin watches, however these offer something very personal and fantastic on the dial of the watch. Style choices are abundant, giving you the option between onyx and blue lapis dial materials. In addition, the casing can be rose gold or platinum, ensuring that the quality is present on each and every watch.

    These watches can be strapped to your wrist either by a leather strap or a bracelet of rose gold or platinum. This is a luxury timepiece that you can wear day in and day out or on special occasions. People will take note of the quality as soon as they view the watch and you will be the subject of many conversations, simply because you have chosen such an exquisite timepiece.

    Hours and minutes are featured on the watch and the piece keeps perfect time using automatic movement. Ulysse Nardin watches are known for their exquisite engineering, so you can rely on the time to be accurate each and every time.