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Genghis Khan

    When you are looking for a traditional watch as well as some extraordinary art in one luxury timepiece, the Genghis Khan collection provides just that. The Genghis Kahn collection Haute Joaillerie is a very limited edition of only thirty pieces, so if it has caught your eye like no other, you need to make sure you take advantage of these gorgeous pieces before they are complete sold out. Within the face of each of these Ulysse Nardin watches, you can note the very detailed craftsmanship of the Genghis Khan battle scene, depicted in either white gold or rose gold, based upon your preferences.

    In addition to the detailed battle scene, you can also enjoy the visually appealing phantom feature at the bottom of the watch where you can see the intricate mechanisms that help to keep the perfect time that you have grown to expect from Ulysse Nardin.

    The case of this collection is round, offered in both shades of gold to match your personal preferences. In addition, the bezel is very intricate on its own, offering engravings that encompass the style of this luxury timepiece beautifully, wrapping around the face. There is the option to go a bit more luxurious and choose one of the models where diamonds encrust the bezel as well. This choice not only is just a watch but also leans more on the side of jewelry.

    The leather band is genuine with a comfortable strap and closure that offers comfort for hours of wear on end. The case size is an adequate 42mm, offering the size needed to get the details visible without taking up too much space on your wrist.