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    The Ulysse Nardin watches have always been about sheer sophistication and luxury timepieces. With the Circus line, however, there is that same sophistication that you have come to expect from the designer with a whimsical side of things as well.

    There is an animated circus scene depicted across the deal featuring a total of six figures. There is a monkey, a clown, a strainer, a tiger, a bear and even a ballet dancer. As the minute repeater lever is activated, the scene comes alive to show how the different characters intertwine and play around.

    Details are everywhere on this gorgeous Ulysse Nardin luxury timepiece and the designers have certainly outdone themselves. You will notice that the bezel has been left very clean and un-enamored so as not to distract from the dial and the handcrafted gold figurines on the face of the watch. The dial itself is onyx while the casing and lugs are in gold.

    This is a magnificent watch that has both a little fun and class mixed into a single luxury timepiece. You can show your personal style with the piece, choosing from white gold or rose gold as well as various colors of leather straps.

    Each time that you go out and someone asks you of the time, you can be amused by the designs or simply be able to know exactly what time it is because the designs are not so overly intricate that you cannot still tell the time of day or night.

    The Circus luxury timepiece by Ulysse Nardin is a limited edition, so if you find this an endearing design that you absolutely must own, do not hesitate to purchase it as you will not find it available for long.