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    Chronographs can be an absolutely beautiful feature on the dial of a watch and the proof is very obvious within this collection of Ulysse Nardin watches. You can find the style and grace that you love to wear as well as some unique shapes within these luxury timepieces.

    Many of the key components of this automatic movement watch have been made of silicium, which is not very common in the field of horology. There is the pallet fork and escapement wheel both made of this material, ensuring that you have great engineering within your watch but also something that is truly unique.

    The chronographs and bubbles along the face of the Sonata collection offer some additional functions so that while you are wearing this gorgeous watch, you can also know the date, the second hands as well as an additional time zone – perfect for traveling or keeping up with your favorite countries.

    The exquisite lines of the round case make for an elegant design that can be enjoyed by gentleman everywhere. The intricacies of the hour and second hand offer all of the elegance that you need with some bright colors such as blue and graphite. The case themselves come in either yellow gold, rose fold, or white gold.

    Wrist bands of these watches go from leather to gold, making it your choice of whether you wish to go a bit more dressy or classic with your watch designs. Either you choose, you will find that the straps were designed with comfort in mind so that you can show off your luxury timepiece from sun up to sun down without ever aching to take it off.