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There are a lot of things that make the San Marco collection sought after. Each of these designs is a very limited edition of around 30 pieces each, so collectors around the globe have been falling in love with these Ulysse Nardin watches. Each watch depicts an image from around the world or a specific festival. From a Flying Cloud to Red Square to the Kremlin, they are hand made by an artist.

The painting is on genuine enamel cloisonné dials. There is a power reserve of about 42 hours with each of these watches and are self winding. These luxury timepieces are also water resistant up to 50 meters, making them perfectly acceptable to wear on a regular basis or to store them away for collection purposes.

The bezels of each of these San Marco watches are perfectly polished in rose gold or platinum, offering a minimalist effect so as not to interfere with the intricate designs of the dial. The hour markings are very clearly marked within a specific color of the dial so that it matches the design without being a distraction.

Three hands pass across the face of the watch so that time is kept and can always provide what time of day or night it is – down to the second hand that graces the face.

Wristbands are made of genuine leather in various colors including blue, black and brown. There is a single crown on the side of the watch for setting the time. Each watch is limited in quantity, so if there is a specific one that has grabbed your heart, you may want to consider time is of the essence.