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Royal Tourbillon

    Is it a toy or is it a watch? It can be both with this sophisticated luxury timepiece, you can get the stunning designs you’ve grown to expect with the Ulysse Nardin watches while maintaining your dignity and knowing what time it is every time that you glance at your wrist.

    The name of the collection doesn’t disappoint. The Royal Blue Tourbillon provides blue colored sapphire crystals used as the main plate as well as the bridges for movements. The tourbillion cage appears to float in place, offering a mystical look that you won’t soon grow tired of.

    Hidden below the bezel, which you can get in a stunning polished stainless steel or encrusted with sapphires and diamonds, is a dial. Turn the bezel and all of the wheels inside the watch seem to come to life, offering you a stunning piece of work that lives up to its name.

    The details of the face are very intricate, using gems to denote where the hour markers are and the smooth, geometric shapes of the hour and minute hands never block view of the inner workings

    You can opt for a leather strap band that offers hours upon hours of comfort so that you can wear the watch day and night to show off your newfound style. You may also opt to dress your look up a bit with the luxury timepiece and add diamonds into the mix. Several models feature a platinum bracelet that is decorated with small diamonds so that you can glimmer in the moonlight of any social event that you desire to attend.