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    A watch should give you more than just the time and with these Ulysse Nardin watches, you get elegant sophistication as well as multiple functions to help justify this luxury a little further. You can find the color combinations that you love so that your personality is expressed as you don your wrist with this luxury timepiece day in and out.

    There are some very clean lines on these Quadrato Dual Time watches so that you can enjoy great shape as well as functionality should you choose to wear the watch for fun or for work. The square shape of the case allows for a very unique design and the face of the watch offers some elaborate decoration.

    Silver, black, blue and gray colored faces help to show off the characteristics of this timepiece. Hour markers are in standard format at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour markers while the rest are annotated with solid gold or stainless steel lines. In addition, there are 3 other functions, giving you the date, a second time zone as well as a seconds counter.

    The automatic movement and self winding mechanics on the inside of the watch guarantee that every time you look at the dial of your Quadrato watch that you have the absolutely correct time so that you are never late for meetings or social events.

    In addition, the 42mm casing is the perfect size and very proportionate with the average gentleman’s wrist. The leather or stainless steel bracelet offers comfort for all day wear so whether it is sports or business meetings, the look can be maintained throughout the entire day.

    Choose from various color combinations of stainless steel and rose gold so that the look you want is represented adequately.