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There are some styles that come and go, which is why the Michelangelo Gigante has become so popular. Classic designs combine into a large face that offers the time, dual time zones as well as the date to make this a multi-functioning watch that will look great on the wrist of any gentlemen.

The dial of these Ulysse Nardin watches have a lot going on. Each one has bold, large font Roman Numerals outlining the dial so that it is very clear what time it is without utilizing any guesswork. Beyond that, there are several different bubbles or chronometers on the various models of these luxury timepieces, either offering a dual time zone, power reserve, seconds or the date.

Bezels help to keep the look of these watches very classic. You won’t find any bright colors or intricate designs. Instead, you will simply find that they are beautifully polished in either stainless steel or rose gold. These bezels coincide magnificently with the actual face colors ranging in colors from white, black and gray to create stunning masterpieces to choose from. The crown and pushers add a bit of glamour on the outside of the watch design – left unmarked and polished brightly.

The wristbands may be the hardest of choices, offering stainless steel, rose gold as well as brown and black crocodile leather so that you can wear the watch all day long in comfort.

You do not need to sacrifice personal style just to own an Ulysse Nardin timepiece. There are plenty of classic combinations to choose from, though you do need to pick one so that it can be sent to you in pristine condition.