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Marine Chronograph

    Choices are aplenty when you look upon the Marine Chronograph collection for your luxury timepiece. You can find many color combinations to match your individual style as well as plenty of designs on the dial of the watch so that you can have the sophisticated look you’ve been yearning for as well as a modern twist to go with the new era.

    It isn’t everyday that someone will stop to comment you on your watch. That is unless you have chosen to wear one of your Ulysse Nardin watches. The elaborate style of this collection cries out to be noticed with such bold colors as blue, silver and brown while the design of the face helps to provide more than just the time.

    The comfort of the watch stems from the actual wristband itself. You can determine how classic or sporty you want to make this luxury timepiece. Each model will vary slightly within the collection, giving you options such as stainless steel, rubber and leather. These coincide very nicely with the face colors as well as either the steel or rose gold casings.

    The chronometers are truly spectacular within this line of Ulysse Nardin watches. Two chronometers sit facing each other at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock to help you know exactly what time it is while there is also a little bubble to tell the date.

    Sophistication has reached a new level with these luxury timepieces. Roman numerals or geometric shapes will tell you the hour markers meanwhile the bezel remains untouched with simply a polish to help keep the look very understated. Choose the combinations that you love for a watch that is comfortable to wear all day long.