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    The Golden Dream collection is one of the most magnificent designs of Ulysse Nardin watches. The entire watch is cased in rose gold with a lot of details that truly capture the essence of style. This is not a day-to-day watch but one to be worn on special occasions or when one is looking to be noticed.

    A luxury timepiece is one that features crisp designs, functionality as well as a little bit of luxury. The Golden Dream collection features rose gold throughout the watch design as well as sleek effects of gold across the bezel and diamonds perfectly placed along the bezel as well as the hour markers of the face to add the luxury that every lady demands at one point or another during her life. This is a very contemporary design, boasting a large 35x37mm casing that sits on a smaller band so that the face of the watch is what captures everyone’s eye the most. The detailed engineering of the watch is keeping perfect time with the automatic movement deep inside the watch.

    Chronometers and details don’t crowd the dial of the watch. Instead, it is simple elegance with just the hour and minute hand gracefully sweeping across the face with the diamonds in place to mark the numbers of 1-12.

    The leather strap is of the utmost quality and has been designed to be almost the same color as the rose gold so that the magnificent colors seamlessly blend together to give the effect that the watch is a single piece. Sparkling diamonds, gold and clean lines seem to be the epitome of class in the Golden Dream collection.