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GMT Perpetual

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The automatic movement of the GMT perpetual line of Ulysse Nardin watches gives you more than just the time with hours, minutes and seconds. There are sub-dials that provide for the day of the week, the date itself as well as the month and year. There is no other luxury timepiece on the market that gives you this much data in a very easy to read face while also offering stunning designs to fit your personality.

Sophistication comes in the form of stainless steel or leather bands on these GMT Perpetual timepieces. You can get the comfort that you expect out of a watch while at the same time gaining a piece of jewelry. The magnificent braids of the stainless steel have worked to capture the essence of Ulysse Nardin beautifully.

The bezels are left untouched with just a very basic polish so as to keep all of the attention on the face of the watch, which offers something for every person across the globe. Should you be looking for chronometers, bold colors, or unique designs on the hands of the watch, then you do not need to look any further.

The dial of these Ulysse Nardin watches is truly what is the most intricate of the full design. There is a level of sophistication here as the numbers are either printed or place in Roman Numerals around the dial in an understated elegance. The design patterns of the face itself can be bright blues, solid blacks or waves of gray. Each one is a little unique, so choosing one that encompasses your inner spirit should not be a difficult decision.