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    The round casings of the Ulysse Nardin watches look very sleek and classic at quick glance, however it is in the second and third glances that the true image style is revealed. The Freak collection is perhaps one of the modern attempts by the designer and they have excelled at capturing a gorgeous design.

    The dial of the watch comes in some very stunning shades of blue. Combine that with the platinum or rose gold and you have yourself a masterpiece where you can lose yourself in the intricacies. Many offer a phantom design where you can see many of the inside workings of the luxury timepiece.

    There is a 7 day carrousel tourbillion within the watch and you can ensure that the time is kept perfecting by manually winding. You simply set the time of the day by turning the entire bezel.

    The bezel itself is one of the most eye-catching designs in the world of horology. Here, you don’t have a round bezel that is ordinary. Instead, there are cutouts and engravings along the bezel that offer some very unique shapes and designs that are quite appealing. You may also opt for the bezel to be diamond encrusted to add an additional layer of luxury.

    All of the bands on this Freak line by Ulysse Nardin are offered in a black alligator leather that is of very fine quality. It buckles using a basic folding clasp that is comfortable enough to be worn all day. The casing is 44.5mm, so you can enjoy a large enough face to revel in the designs without it consuming your wrist at the same time.