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    Luxury has arrived in the form of the Executive line of luxury timepieces. Within these Ulysse Nardin watches, the company has combined the functionality of the Dual Time collection with a ceramic dial that will withstand the tests of time. In addition, there are some significant and dramatic effects to the watch with the unique shapes that have been intertwined into the face of the watch. While the casing and dial of the watch is round, there is a rectangular shape around the primary hands of the timepiece, adding a stunning effect to the overall piece.

    The solid black, matte finish bezel helps to boast the sophistication of the timepiece up a notch by drawing attention to the magnificent lines and curves that hold the essence of the Executive line to such a high standard. Beyond the bezel, you can find roman numerals that seem to explode off the face of the watch in such stunning colors as white, rose gold and stainless steel, helping to maintain the elegant style of the watch.

    Those that choose this watch must make the important decision for the wristband, being given the option of either leather or rubber. Both are made to withstand the hardest of elements and are comfortable enough to be worn day or night for hours on end. The leather is a bit more classic while the rubber adds a sporty look to any ensemble.

    The oversized second hand, the date feature and the functionality of having two time zones’ worth of data on the face of this Ulysse Nardin is just another aspect of why this line has been so well received by consumers across the world.