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Dual Time

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Sophistication and multiple functionalities bring this luxury timepiece to the top of the list for outstanding accomplishments by the designer Ulysse Nardin. Not only do you get visually stunning watch designs but exceptional engineering to give you two time zones as well as a date feature.

If you are traveling often or simply enjoy knowing the time of day in your favorite country, you can do so from the dial of the Dual Time collection. You can clearly know what time of day or night it is by glancing at the face of the watch. The hours and minutes are clearly marked for both time zones.

In addition to the time zones, the Ulysse Nardin luxury timepiece also offers the date in a very clear, easy to read bubble so that a calendar doesn’t need to be anywhere in sight – you only need to peer at the watch that dons your wrist.

Ulysse Nardin watches are known for their elegance and elegance is wrapped up into this timepiece as well, with very minimalist subtleties such as a gray face with rose gold casings or perhaps you would be more pleased with the black face and stainless steel casings.

Any combination you choose, you will notice the very sleek, polished bezels that have no illustration or engravings to avoid any confusion. This clean look is very stylish and combines beautifully with the dial that features the dual times.

In addition, the wristband itself is perhaps one of the most magnificent features of the Dual Time collection, offering such choices as gold, stainless steel or leather. They have been designed for style and comfort, so it can be worn everyday or for formal occasions as well.