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Classico Luna

    Some of the most visually appealing feats of horology are understated and that is exactly what Ulysse Nardin delivers with the Classico luxury timepieces. You can enjoy the time every time you glance at your wrist while still maintaining dignity and class with this beautiful design.

    The round casing of the luxury timepiece maintains a dignified look while giving you everything that you expect from the designer. Attached to the case is genuine leather that will sit comfortably on your wrist so that you can wear it all day long. The choices in leather allow for a little individuality, ranging from brown to black and even a bright blue.

    The dial can be as intricate or as clean as you choose to make it. There are several Classico designs that offer a very simple dial with roman numerals as well as a date feature on a solid color face. You may also opt for something that has a little more detail where there are all 12 numbers going around the dial as well as several chronographs to view when you look at the timepiece.

    Luxury is in every aspect of the Classico timepiece. From the intricacies of the crown to the hand-stitched leather bands, there are so many impressive aspects of the Ulysse Nardin watches that it is just impossible to come up with any faults.

    When you want to wear a watch that has sophistication written all over it, the simple choice is the Classico design because there are so many choices to place your individual style on it yet still enjoy the stunning clean lines.