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Ulysse Nardin has been infamous at watch designs for years. Their Caprice timepiece is not only a stunning watch with intricate designs but also has a lot of engineering details within the watch that helps it to keep perfect time so that you can rely on the watch to know what time it is and look good doing it.

The Caprice luxury timepiece is known for its clean lines and sophisticated style. The square casing comes in white gold or rose gold with the option to have it encrusted in diamonds, adding to the additional luxury that takes the watch beyond just the usefulness of telling time.

Horology doesn’t have to be about hours and minutes and the design of the Ulysse Nardin watches are proof of that. The dials of the watches are sleek and polished, allowing for a unique style in the font as well as being able to perform their job of telling the time as well. You can quickly know the time of day (or night that it is) without an overly complicated face design.

The bezel of the Caprice design can also be quite aesthetically pleasing as you glance upon it. There are a few different options within the line to conform to your individuality. When you want something that is very decorative, you can opt for the diamonds directly on the bezel so that there is glamour surrounding the face. If you are more of a minimalist, you can still enjoy the classic square design with a tamer version of the bezel and opt for a clean satin finish.