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Classique Complications

    "Grande Complication" is the name given to most of the watches in this line, and they could not be more aptly titled. The moment you realize that you're holding a watch that is not only interesting to look at, but has a true sense of unity in its complicated nature, you begin to appreciate not only the gold casing, but the genius precision and artistry of the design of the dial and its many hands. This is the kind of watch that has no adequate description. They need to be seen to be understood in their brilliant non-conformist originality. The most unique of all the Breguet timepieces, they are to be understood as masterpieces of antiquated perfection.

    These watches, whose case sizes are from 36 millimeters up to 44 millimeters, are available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, with the purest gold of the highest quality. When compared against other watches in the lineup of Breguet luxury watches, these compel the owner to gaze absent-mindedly into the depths of time and dimension, something that cannot be said of all luxury timepieces. These are made to last and are sure to be appreciated for generations to come, whether you choose to purchase a Grande Complication or any of the other watches that make up this fantastic line of Breguet luxury watches. The Breguet Classicque Perpetual line is designed to last forever, provided that you treat your watches with the care, maintenance and respect that they deserve.