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Marine Royale

    Breguet timepieces are much sought after for their premium quality gold plating and superior design structure. The Breguet Marine Royale series, in particular, is for those with discerning tastes and a full appreciation for beautiful, symmetrical jewelry. This series of watches represents years of engineering and craftsmanship, combined to make an impression on the customer as well as the onlookers who will be sure to appreciate the customer's good taste. Beautiful dials of white or black contrasted against gorgeous gold hour, minute, and second hands are complemented by the flawless gold casing which makes its presence known throughout the exterior of each piece, which is pure perfection.

    Breguet luxury watches are made with the collective knowledge of many experienced watchmakers and goldsmiths, articulating a unique yet classic statement in the structure, cut and design of each watch in the Marine Royale series. There has yet to be one piece in the lineup of watches from Breguet that isn't flawless, making Breguet the ultimate name in watches for those of a certain caliber. Those with a particular interest in the old-style watches which have been included as a part of this series will certainly find something to brag about when they come across the watch that calls out to them. Although these come with a price, the luxury that you'll find in every timepiece of the Marine Royale series makes it all worth it. It isn't every day that you will find a watch of this magnitude and quality. Fit for the discerning buyer, a Breguet Marine Royale watch is something special to cherish, to be worn with pride, and to pass down for generations to come.