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Marine Ladies

    One of Breguet's most popular set of watches has long been the Marine collection. These special watches reached such high levels of success that the famous design team at the House of Breguet launched a special women's line, based on the original Marine watch. While the watches in the Marine Ladies collection stay true to the Marine shape, they are on a smaller scale than the men’s version.

    The reduced size is not the only difference between the men’s and ladies collections. The faces of the women’s watches have been redesigned to make them more appealing to the feminine eye. Practicality has not disappeared in the face of style, however. All of these Breguet timepieces keep perfect time. Several are available as both watches and chronographs.

    Another lovely touch has been added to the Marine watches to make them more feminine. Nearly all of the Marine Ladies timepieces feature diamond set bezels to add sparkle and elegance to these sturdy watches. Bands are available in a variety of styles as well. Some are made from the highest quality leather, while others are intricately designed out of the same precious metal as the watch.

    All Breguet luxury watches are crafted with the same dedication to perfection and quality. This is certainly true of the watches in the Marine Ladies collection. With their classic styling, practical features and feminine touches, they have become nearly as popular as the Marine Men’s collection. It is clearly understandable why.