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    While looking for the perfect watch, some people are overwhelmed by the large size of most cases. This is not so with the Breguet Heritage collection. Instead of being formed in the traditional round shape of most luxury watches, the sleek watches in this selection feature a Tonneau shaped case. The slightly rounded, rectangular shape takes these watches out of the ordinary and makes them instant classics.

    The special case shape is not the only thing that makes these Breguet luxury watches elegant and timeless. Each watch in this collection is made of the highest quality materials available. Heritage watches are available in 18k yellow gold for those who enjoy a classic look. Those who prefer a more modern touch can choose a watch made from platinum, white or rose gold.

    The Heritage collection cases are not the only things that make these watches different from others in their class. The faces of these Breguet timepieces not only show the time, but also the date. A few of them also include intricate tourbillons that show off the precision of Breguet watches. Each and every design showcases the master artistry of the famous watchmakers.

    The Breguet Heritage collection contains some of the most elegant and stylish timepieces available today. Any one of these special watches would be an excellent gift for a loved one, or for oneself. With the Breguet dedication to quality and perfection, it would be a gift to last a lifetime.