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Classique Tourbillon

    The Breguet Classique Tourbillon collection includes some of the finest watches in the world. Made with the traditional Breguet attention to quality and style, these incredible watches stand out amongst other watches. Not only are they designed to be fashion-forward, yet timeless, they also are marvels of engineering. The complex tourbillon included on the face of every watch in this selection shows the touch of master designers.

    It is no wonder the Classique Tourbillon wrist and pocket watches are among the best in the world. Breguet has been making precise and elegant timepieces since 1775, when A.L. Breguet opened his first shop in Paris. He consistently produced fine watches that never lost time, and it was not long before his work was noticed. His small store expanded until it was providing watches to royalty. Queen Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte put their trust in this dependable watchmaker, as did Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Queen Victoria and Sir Winston Churchill.

    This centuries-old dedication to perfection has resulted in the Classique Tourbillon collection. With the wide variety of sizes, colors and styles, there is a Classique Tourbillon watch that will suit anyone. Some show the tourbillon directly on the face, while others must be opened to see the amazing artistry. A few of the Breguet timepieces in this collection are open-worked, perfect for the lover of precision and detail.

    Those looking for a unique, classic wrist or pocket watch should consider the Breguet Classique Tourbillon collection.