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    The Chapter 2 series of watches from Maîtres du Temps seeks to embody a whole new level of watchmaking. Triple-calendar watches like these are the product of hardcore engineering and artistry on a level we've hardly seen in our years of selling fine watches and jewelry. The symmetry of each case is unprecedented, and the hand-stitched alligator strap with gold fasteners adds a nice, distinctive touch. Seconds sub-dials at the six o'clock position lend themselves well to the case design in this series.

    The diamond accents to be found embedded in some of these watches will absolutely meet and exceed expectations for a brilliant presentation on top of accurate performance for a watch in this class. Get ready to be amazed by what these have to offer. The date, day, and month are clearly visible and easy to find on each watch in the set, and the practical layout of these features makes the beauty of these special pieces even more meaningful and somehow more than just a show of aestheticism.

    Roman numerals are the numbering of choice for this series, and it goes well with the refinement and unquestioned sophistication of the series. It's appropriate that an automatic movement is used in the series, in keeping with the modern undercurrent of the series' theme. Careful thought has obviously gone into every step of the production of these fine luxury timepieces, and the extra effort will reward the collector with something to be treasured for generations. These Maîtres du Temps watches are products of sheer ingenuity and years of combined knowledge in the art of jewelry and watchmaking. The wearer will be benefited greatly by any watch selected from the CH2 series.