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Details are abundant in Vacheron Constantin watches. Each one offers a very sophisticated look that would make any gentleman proud to wear one of these luxury timepieces. The Patrimony collection offers two chronographs on the dial of the watch in various shades of gold, making them elaborate timepieces that add to the level of sophistication that one gets when they choose to wear one of these watches.

The two chronographs sit and 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, offering up specific information on the time so that it is possible to know exactly what time it is every time you look at the watch. You get hours, minutes and seconds within the face of the watch in such color combinations as white gold and pink gold or rose gold and silver.

The dials of the face are very basic, allowing for a quite subtlety that doesn’t take away from the sheer elegance of the watch. You see the two chronographs, the hour and minute hands as well as the Vacheron Constantin logo. The perimeter or the dial has the counted markings to know the precise time and that is it. No complicated designs or intricacies take away from the art of the chronographs.

Comfort is in mind with the watch, giving you a leather strap in brown or black so that you can wear is all day long – for work or for play.