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Patrimony Chronograph

    The Vacheron Constantin watches in the Patrimony Chronograph collection for men can be as sophisticated and as elegant as you can possibly choose. There are bracelets that are very high-end, offering elaborate details while others are very subtle, showing simply that they are high quality without all of the extra jewels involved.

    Each watch features a round case made of either white or yellow gold. Within the dial of the same circular shape is the ever simply stated Swiss cross that Vacheron Constantin watches are known by. The face of the watch is not complicated at all in terms of graphics or numerals. Each hour marker is counted off by a single line so that it is very easy to tell what time it is without the unnecessary numbers to tell you the obvious.

    When you are looking for an undeniably regal style, you can find the watch that you have been looking for out of the Patrimony Chronograph collection as each one is a luxury timepiece. Choose between a leather strap and a bracelet of yellow or white gold to surround your wrist. You need only to peer at the watch to know that it is quality while also knowing precisely what time it is. The case size ranges from the ultra slim 31.5 mm design to the 40 mm size that offers the average size to gentlemen across the globe so that you are always comfortable.