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Overseas Ladies

    You can tell a luxury timepiece is made by Vacheron Constantin Watches by its sheer visual appeal. The creations of this old and venerated watchmaker simply look great, standing out wherever they are seen. Of course, that exceptional quality also extends below the surface in some of the most precise and well-constructed movement in the world.

    This is nowhere more evident than in the Overseas Ladies line from Vacheron Constantin Watches. These exemplary watches have round dials enclosed within crenelated bezels paved with diamonds. The faces of the Overseas Ladies line are artful compositions including small second hands, lunar phase indicators and date dials. Highlights of rose gold set off the hands and hour markers of each luxury timepiece.

    This is the strong design that has made Vacheron Constantin Watches an icon in the world of fashion jewelry.?That design skill is shown here in these stunning watches of rose or white gold, both gorgeous. The cases flow around the dial, their curves tapering smoothly into the lugs. Each of these luxury timepieces has a white leather strap.

    Some jewelry is all flash, but Vacheron Constantin Watches always balances this with an ample measure of good taste. The fluid design and use of color in each luxury timepiece of the Overseas Ladies line have the unmistakable touch of this masterful watchmaker, demonstrating that their reputation is well deserved.