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Overseas Automatic

    The Overseas Automatic line from Vacheron Constantin Watches shows the strong, forthright design that has made this company's long reputation. On each luxury timepiece, frosty metallic tones accentuate a dial with uncomplicated charm and dignity. The works of Vacheron Constantin Watches are perhaps less playful in their design than the products of some other companies, but they make up for it with a style and class that has seldom been matched.

    Crenelated bezels of titanium or stainless steel surround handsome, straightforward dials in these Vacheron Constantin watches. On each luxury timepiece, the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 are represented by large Arabic numerals, while the other hours have big, bold hour markers. There is a central second hand and a date window between 4 and 5. The name and familiar cross emblem of Vacheron Constantin Watches is just under 12, as well as appearing on the case back of each luxury timepiece. There is a scale for seconds running around the edge of the dial, marked off in five-second intervals. Two of these Vacheron Constantin watches have leather straps, while the others have bracelets of stainless steel.

    Vacheron Constantin Watches have made their reputation by creating solid, well-constructed watches with a style that is at once tasteful and uncomplicated. That ethic still forms the basis of all their works, as is shown in the Overseas Automatic selections. Every luxury timepiece in the Overseas Automatic line has the style, sensibility and technical precision for which Vacheron Constantin Watches are so well known.