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Malte Dual Time

    There are so many choices to make when searching for a luxury watch. One wants to find quality, precise timepieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. This can be difficult to do. Thankfully, there are several famous watchmakers that consistently produce fabulous watches. Vacheron Constantin is one such company.

    Vacheron Constantin watches are well known for their classic lines and clean faces. Their inner workings are carefully fabricated to be dependable and consistent. These various factors unite in the gorgeous Malte Dual Time collection.

    Each watch is set with a unique rectangular case. The harsh lines of the rectangle are softened with a slight rounding of the sides. This unusual shape adds class and distinction to these fine watches. The cases may be made of 18k white or rose gold.

    Textured white faces are set within the elegant cases. These faces vary slightly one from another, depending on the different complications added to the watch. This adds to their desirability as it makes them unique and unlike any other.

    The majority of the Malte Dual Time watches feature four smaller dials set onto the face. The time is shown with large hands pointing to elegant gold lines or numbers. Set within this larger dial are the four others. The largest of these dials show dual time. Another small dial shows the date. An even smaller one reveals whether it is day or night. The final dial shows the power reserve.

    Each dial is carefully placed on the face to maximize the beauty of each luxury timepiece. The resulting combination is irresistible. Few men would be averse to owning one of these amazing watches produced by Vacheron Constantin.