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Quai de L'Ile

    There are few luxury timepiece manufacturers with the celebrated horological history that Vacheron Constantin can claim. With nearly 300 years of experience conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing many of the finest, most notable timepieces in the world, Swiss powerhouse Vacheron Constantin offers the exceptional, unparalleled Quai de L'Ile series of watches.

    Named after Vacheron Constantin's original address, the Quai de L'Ile features 44-millimeter cases available in a range of luxury and exotic metals, including rich 18k rose gold, light and extremely strong titanium, and exceedingly rare palladium. There exist two basic dial designs based on the individual watch's functions. One version of the Quai de L'Ile features day, date and power reserve complications, the mechanics of which are all clearly visible through the transparent dial for hours of positively mesmerizing viewing of the rhodium-plated movement. One of the most unique aspects of this timepiece is that many numerals and other markings are applied directly to the protective sapphire crystal surface via a complex process by which nickel is galvanically deposited and built up onto it.

    The other version of the Quai de L'Ile features a date function unlike any other available in the luxury timepiece market. Instead of displaying a date rotating on the standard wheel through a window in the dial, this watch displays the days of the month statically, directly on the sapphire crystal. Instead of the dates rotating, a wheel carrying a small block of color that contrasts with the ring of dates inscribed on the crystal rotates under it. The number under which the color block sits is the current date. Indeed, these Vacheron Constantin watches are incredible pieces of creativity and function.