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Patrimony Grand Complications

    Vacheron Constantin watches are in a class all their own. With nearly 300 years of horological engineering and design experience, the Swiss watch manufacturer has produced some of the finest and most celebrated timepieces in history. One of their current masterpieces is the Patrimony Grand Complications series. Each luxury timepiece in the line is unique in its own right and would make any luxury timepiece connoisseur weak in the knees.

    As the name of the collection suggests, the Patrimony Grand Complications line features a fantastic array of beautiful complications. Available in cases of the finest 18k rose gold and most brilliant platinum, the Patrimony Grand Complications series features watches with slate, white and silver dials. Long, spear-shaped hours, minutes and seconds hands pass over hours marked with indexes fashioned of the same metal as the case. Smaller tick marks indicate individual minutes and seconds. On the right side of the case sits a screw-down crown and, depending on the model, push-button controls used to operate other complications.

    Most of the wristwatches in this series feature one of the most intricate and impressive complications available in a mechanical timepiece: the perpetual calendar. Small dials set around the main dial center indicate months, dates and days of the week. After the perpetual calendar is initially properly calibrated, it will never require adjustment. Several watches include a large, pulsating tourbillon at six o'clock. Most cases boast a sapphire crystal back that allows a clear view into the guts of the impossibly complex movement packed into watches in this line. All timepieces in this series are outfitted with luxurious hand-stitched leather bands with metal buckles fashioned of the same metal as the case.