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Malte Tourbillons

    Known as some of the finest wristwatches on the planet, Vacheron Constantin watches are famous for some of the most intricate movements available. Its Malte Tourbillons luxury timepiece line is an outstanding product of the culmination of nearly 300 years of horological experience.

    Vacheron Constantin's Malte Tourbillon wristwatches are available in a variety of extraordinary variations, but all share a most unique dial design within their tonneau-shaped cases. Instead of displaying the traditional hours and minutes on the main dial, only minutes are indicated. A single hand sweeps around this dial once per hour. Between the main dial's center and 12 o'clock is a smaller hours dial. A single, small hand sweeps around this dial once per day. Between the main dial center and six o'clock is the massive, pulsating tourbillon from which this spectacular series derives its name. A seconds hand is mounted over the tourbillon, making a trip around it once per minute. A power reserve meter sits at ten o'clock.

    Variations within this series include the Tourbillon Regulator, which is available in either rich 18k 5N rose gold, brilliant, rare platinum, or completely and unabashedly encrusted in a jaw-dropping 51 carats of scintillating white diamonds, including the entire dial. The Regulator Diamonds version's dial is devoid of any markings, while the Regulator features small black Arabic numerals set at five-minute increments on a white dial. The smaller hours dial has black Roman numerals at three, six, nine and 12 o'clock. Like the Diamonds version of this watch, the Malte Skeleton Tourbillon also lacks dial markings. Instead, the entire face is open, exposing an incredible view of the watch's exceptional movement. It is indeed a sight to behold.